Lou Camino

Lou Camino

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Graduate in physics, scientific journalism and sociology of film, I am an independent photographer and author. Curious by nature, passionate and a dreamer, I explore the world as often as possible and look at it and its inhabitants with a poetic and optimistic eye (ok, and also a little bit of melancholy).

I am a member of the Studio Hans Lucas since 2016.



Jiufen, Taiwan, 2017

Steep and luxurious landmark of the last century gold seekers.
Rain and mist fall on the hillside city.
Between drama and reverie, lost souls wander in its alleys, seeking for a salutary but misleading light.


Hong Kong, 2017

Hong Kong is one of these destinations that tickled my imagination for a long time thanks to the iconography and the clichés created and broadcasted by the 7th and 8th Art. First of all, it’s its name that sounds like a powerful drum beat given by an outstanding but out of scope primat. Then, it’s its architecture and its excesses – in height, density and contrasts – that fascinates the singular urban landscapes I am. To such an extent that one is tempted to address this city as a movie set more than a real living space.