WEEKLY DOSE #11 // Peter Kool, the hunter of the strange and whimsical.

WEEKLY DOSE #11 // Peter Kool, the hunter of the strange and whimsical.

Featured image :  HERVE CHATEL


Welcome to the 11Th WEEKLY DOSE

Hello buddies, it’s Monday and this is the 11th WEEKLY DOSE,  your weekly dose of  documentary  increased with street photography!

This week we are very pleased to welcome a very sharply-eyed street photographer, Peter Kool. From Belgium, he offers us a surrealist, whimsical photograph. Peter Kool has another much more important news, he just integrated just a month ago the  most famous  street photography collective, IN PUBLIC.
So we’re going to spend a week with Peter Kool and it’s our eyes that are delighted in advance.

He has sent us 7 images  with which we will spend this week here, but also on our Facebook  and our Instagram


I was born 1953 in The Netherlands and moved to Belgium in 1973. Studied photography at the Art Academy of Sint-Niklaas from 1980 to 1985.
Worked shifts in a steelfactory for almost 40 years and in addition I took pictures.Now I’m retired from the factory but not from photography.

A rainy day in Benalmadena. Spain 2012.

Love in Torremolinos. Spain 2014.

Giant ice cream while a military meeting. Belgium 2015.

Bus stop in Torremolinos. Spain 2016.

Leftover from partying people in Torremolinos. Spain 2017.

Restaurant cook installs his umbrella for the rain. Antwerp, Belgium 2017.

Passing car during the Gay Pride. Antwerp, Belgium 2017.

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