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IN GOD WE TRUST, Voyage au coeur du business de la foi // Cyril Abad,.

Voici quelques images extraites du reportage « « IN GOD WE TRUST, voyage au coeur du business de la foi » produit par Cyril Abad au printemps 2017, membre du GASP Collective. Le reportage « IN GOD WE TRUST, voyage au coeur du business de la foi » est une exploration de la société américaine au travers du prisme religieux. Dans un environnement social particulièrement morose couronné par l’élection de Donald Trump (qui a recueilli plus de 80 % du vote blanc chrétien), la religion est plus que jamais un marqueur pertinent pour mieux appréhender l’évolution de la société américaine.
Ce reportage a remporté le prix Mentor 2017.

Here are some images taken from the report « IN GOD WE TRUST, a journey to the heart of the business of faith » produced by Cyril Abad in spring 2017, member of the GASP Collective. The report « IN GOD WE TRUST, a journey to the heart of the business of faith » is an exploration of American society through the religious prism. In a particularly gloomy social environment crowned by the election of Donald Trump (who won more than 80% of the white Christian vote), religion is more than ever a relevant marker to better understand the evolution of American society.
This story won the 2017 Mentor Award.

The Mentor Award can be found on the Freelens website at http://www.freelens.fr/mentor-2017-la-remise-du-prix/

Welcome to Ark Encounter, the creationist amusement park. Ark Encounter, the new tourist attraction of Williamstown in Kentucky is no more and no less than the true copy of Noah's Ark "according to its builders, the creationist Christian fundamentalists of" Answers in Genesis ". This huge 150m long building with a total area of 10,000 m2 built in "respect for biblical proportions" is a temple to creationism and its doctrine that God created earth and all living beings 6000 years ago in 6 days.This project was very controversial. Ark Encounter cost more than $ 102 million, partly funded by donations and the state of Kentucky, which was unable to avoid a subsidy,following a court ruling. Taxpayers, whether they adhere to creative theories or not, have therefore had to contribute to the financing of the project.
The most radical creationists reject the theory of evolution and consider that the human being was created by God. The Young Earth movement therefore considers that our planet was created 6000 years ago, according to the sacred texts, that is to say in 6 days.
You wanted to know about Noah, how he managed to build the ark by himself. Nothing is left to chance and everything is explained in detail, diagrams, infographies and animations in support.
Nail of the visit. A mural and moral cartoon tells the story of a student experiencing existential doubts. Rather than turning to faith, it succumbs to boys, to alcohol and dark in the darkest decadence. The divine wrath does not wait very long ... It ends in a bath of blood and suffering.
Religious schools and universities regularly visit the ark. On a scientific level this park is denounced as a dangerous absurdity. Several associations condemn disinformation similar to child maltreatment.
Welcome to Holy Land Experience, the 100% biblical amusement park in Mickey Country, Orlando, Florida. Expect to be inspired "is the ambitious slogan of the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, an amusement park with the theme of the Old and New Testaments. The park bought by TBN, the world's first evangelical TV channel, offers you a unique and wildly crazy Kitch experience, anachronistic, and very commercial, against a backdrop of evangelical reconstruction. Immerse yourself in a miniature Jerusalem, featuring precious manuscripts and attractions in a temple decor and plastic caverns.
Here you are in the holy land in the heart of Orlando. Marvin Rosenthal, a Jewish "Christian" pastor, the creator of Park Holy Land, guarantees a unique experience: you will never see Jesus so closely.
5 times a week, at 4 pm from Tuesday to Saturday, a false Jesus wrings himself with pain on the cross while Roman soldiers whip him. The play that lasts nearly 75 min is the most realistic and violent event of the Holy Land. During the crucifixion, the sound of the hammer can be heard very much. In the public, many visitors raise their arms to heaven, cry and beg forgiveness..
Jesus is the super star of the Holy Land Experience Park. For many visitors, touching the false messiah is a true blessing.
The resurrection of Christ as if you were there!
On Jerusalem Street Market you will be able to witness one of the highlights of the visit, a reconstruction of the scene of Jesus carrying the cross to Mount Golgotha, crossing an excited crowd, sometimes shocked but still brandishing a mobile phone. Sanguinolant and violent at will.
SeaCoast Church, a non-denominational church that attracts more and more atheists. SeaCoast Church is a megachurch without label or denominational church founded in 1991 in Mount Pleasant on the outskirts of Charleston, South Carolina. The founding pastor Greg Surratt rejected the advances of the Evangelical Church and decided to develop its own autonomous campuses with this innovative idea to relay the services live on screen.Today, 12 SeaCoast campuses have been established in North and South Carolina. Every Sunday more than 15,000 people attend the service. SeaCoast, beyond its biblical message, is increasingly attracting atheists in search of belonging through a non-proselyte message and practices that are far removed from religious rituals.
While the parents attend the service, the children are grouped by age group and supervised by church staff, all Kid Staff members wear a blue tshirt. Many activities are offered to children. For the elderly, teenagers, concerts are scheduled and games rooms with billiards and ping pong tables are available.
Every service begins and ends with a great rock concert ... Christian of course. People dance and pray by sharing their love with God.
Come and pray without leaving your air-conditioned car at the Christian Drive Inn Church in Daytona Beach. For 63 years the church of the faithful of Jesus has gathered on the lawn of an old outdoor cinema in Daytona Beach, Florida. Drive Inn Church offers two services every Sunday morning. Whether it rains or sells, the cars come to park in front of an altar on a balcony and listen to the sermon broadcast on a radio wave reserved 88.5 FM. As the churches empty, more than 600 parishioners come every weekend to enjoy the mass, comfortably settled in their air-conditioned car, some still in pijama or ready for the beach. They can come dressed as they like, take with them their pets. And stay in the privacy of their car. To reconnect with the other parishioners, the Drive Inn Church offers a service between the two departments to gather around a coffee and donuts.
The Reverend Rob collects himself before the beginning of the service, on the mezzanine which overlooks the parking. The microphone suspended on the left allows to retransmit the sermon live.
Let us embark with this young couple on board a nice convertible to attend the second service on Sunday morning. Under the car radio that spits on 88.5 FM the sermon of Pastor Bob, you guess small plastic white capsules filled with grape juice for communion.
Every Sunday, the Rob Reverend spoke on the balcony of the Christian Drive Inn Church in front of a car park. The sermon is broadcast live on the bandwidth 88.5 FM.


Welcome to the 9th  WEEKLY DOSE! You are more and more to follow us and we are really very happy about it. And don’t forget, you can find us on Facebook and also Instagram, every day of the week.

This week, we are very pleased to share the work of
Pierre Montant / Tim Fox / Philippe Blayo / Melissa Breyer / Chrisophe Mousset / Elodie DoMO / Vincent Montibus.

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Rue de Rivoli, Paris, walking around. I can see this young woman with her gaze lost in the wave, dreaming. I shoot without aim, barely slowing down to avoid missing the expression. I then looked for a rendering that could maintain a correspondence with the painting, here neo-classical, for example with a François Gérard, except that only the anonymous ones interest me!


I was sitting with my family in a café in Saint-Quay-Portrieux, in Brittany, when I noticed how this amazing side-light streaming through the vast bay windows, was creating wonderful deep patterns of colour and shadow. Suddenly a woman settled in the spot directly opposite and as she turned her face the whole scene came together. I quickly reached for my camera and fired off probably 5 frames, trying to get as many clean strong lines within the frame. I had recently visited a Hopper retrospective at Tate Modern London, and this certainly influenced my photographic approach. Isolated figures, captured within the geometry of light, set against a rich coloured background. The woman’s pose, her light-shaded clothes, her ginger hair, the shadow of her face on the wall, along with the shape and texture of the staircase: all the elements sit in a nice equilibrium and I’m really pleased with the still painterly feel of this picture


I took this picture at the Horseshoe Bend point, close to Antelope Canyon, Arizona. I didn’t want to reveal this well known landscape and took the opportunity of a strong backlight situation. A few meters from this couple, a several hundred meters ravine gives all its strength to the natural site. But at this moment, I was amused by the craziness of the hairstyle.


As I exited the Ferry Building in San Francisco and turned to walk along the street, I was greeted by that dazzling Northern California light that urges one to have their camera ready for the unexpected. When I looked up, I saw the strangest scene … a normal woman walking with what appeared to be her cubist friend. I took the photo before I could really even make sense of the scene, which in the end was nothing more than a woman with a very mischievous shadow.


Femininity, the ability that women have to attract us, a mixture of charm and elegance. A weapon of massive seduction that sometimes transgresses the number of years, and the desire for my part to freeze this moment of grace.


This photo was taken in a playground, in Lyon, France. It was a summer day, the kids were playing and I wanted to capture the innocence of the moment!


This is a photo taken during the visit of the exhibition Photoquai 2015. I had spotted this background with very large prints of photos by a Mexican photographer, Luis Arturo Aguirre, where the evening light of October gave beautiful shadows and warm tones. I waited until I got the « character » to trigger it. I chose this man because I found that he contrasted very much with the portraits of the transvestites in the background.

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