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Welcome to the fifth WEEKLY DOSE of documentary photography increased by Street photography!

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THE COMMON SPIRIT is still there

A small collective game in which a member of the collective has fun inventing a new story from images of other members. This week, our sweet curator storyteller is… Hervé Chatel that tells us a funny and frightening story : VERTIGO



a small collective game in which a member of the collective has fun inventing a new story from images of other members. This week, our sweet curator storyteller is… Hervé Chatel


For the launch of the new webzine dedicated to « street » documentary photography, Joel Meyerowitz, which inspired the creation of the GASP collective, offers us an exclusive interview.

7 photographs from 7 talented photographers.

Welcome to  the fifth  WEEKLY DOSE! You are more and more to follow us and we are really very happy about it. And don’t forget, you can find us on Facebook and also Instagram, every day of the week.

This week, we are very pleased to welcome
Hugo Aymar / Lucilla Loiotile / Marguerite Bornhauser /  Nora Kabli / Benjamin Girette / Rudy Boyer / Alexandre Chaplier.
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I see a group of refugees sitting under the archway at the edge of the Ourcq Canal, on the Stalingrad place. It’s very hot in Paris this July, temperatures reach 35 ° C in Paris. I’m going above to photograph one of the youngsters diving from the edge. I do a series of pictures before the police come to ask the group to leave. It is only when I come back and edit my pictures that I see the pigeon that completes the picture.


On November 4th, the celebration of the Unity of Italy and the Armed Forces is celebrated with a parade near the monument to the unknown soldier in Rome. In general what I’m most interested of the events is the preparation. As this particular event involves the deployment of the armed forces, the center of the city is closed and isolated. The absence of traffic, the sunrising, an unusual fog added a surreal atmosphere to the passage of the volunteer nurses of the Italian Red Cross that were preparing for the parade.


On Route 66 between California and Nevada, June 2017.


Kashan is a dynamic city with a huge Bazaar. Because of the heat, in summer time, people live during the night. This photos aims at showing the atmosphere of a late evening in Kashan where women, kids and men live together.


I’m always looking for something extraordinary while in the streets of Paris camera in hand. That’s what drives me I guess. The Zombie Walk is a traditional gathering happening every year in major cities around the world and I attended it because of the extraordinary visual possibilities this demonstration offers. This picture tells a weird story, depicts our world and make me laugh.


Saturday morning! meet with friends at a café near our home. I am with my wife and my children, and in general, that means double stroller for twins and balance bike for the older… so not a day to do street photography! but you never know, so I still took the camera. We arrive at the cafe, we say hello and try to install all this beautiful people at best. And of course i can’t stop myself too look around me if there is a situation to take quickly, very quickly! and there, I see this guy, without a face, ok, he’s actually looking at his smartphone with his sunglasses on his head, and I say to myself, I have 10 seconds maximum to get up and take the picture, I get up and tell my wife that I will order the coffee, while advancing I turn on and adjust the camera, while telling me « don’t raise your head, on’t raise your head » lucky I am, he stays head down! Of course, I forgot to order coffee… all those who are in couple will know the next step…


This is happening in my neighborhood in Rabat Morocco I was coming back from a not very successful getaway. Always armed with my camera, I find this man covered with a white hat like a mummy just woke up, it was actually storing his equipment after putting a new coat of white paint on the front. Arriving at his height I frame, I have time to trigger once before he looks at me, I continue to trigger while he looks at me. he interferes, his look also interjects us … It’s good it’s in the box, I know it, it’s a picture! I continue my journey happy but already in search of the next emotion finally the next picture.

Every Monday morning, find the diary of the week prepared by our team with love.

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