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THE COMMON SPIRIT is still there

A small collective game in which a member of the collective has fun inventing a new story from images of other members. This week, our sweet curator storyteller is… Hervé Chatel that tells us a funny and frightening story : VERTIGO



a small collective game in which a member of the collective has fun inventing a new story from images of other members. This week, our sweet curator storyteller is… Hervé Chatel


For the launch of the new webzine dedicated to « street » documentary photography, Joel Meyerowitz, which inspired the creation of the GASP collective, offers us an exclusive interview.

7 photographs from 7 talented photographers.

Welcome to the fourth  WEEKLY DOSE! You are more and more to follow us and we are really very happy about it. And don’t forget, you can find us on Facebook and also Instagram, every day of the week.

This week, we are very happy because the weekly dose is so international.Submissions have come in from Canada,Russia, USA,  South of France in force and England
GASP Street and Stories seems to cross the oceans without complex.

Tatum Wulff from Vancouver / Alexei Yuriev from Moscow / Gérard Dubois from Toulon /  Steve Reeves from London / Melissa Breyer from Brooklyn /Yannis Bautrait de Carcassonne / Chris Garvi from marseille.
Thank you everyone for your amazing contributions!


I was on a local train bound for the city-center, when this young woman sat down in the seat in front of mine. She appeared to be in a fine mood, content and a little dreamy, savoring the warmth of the autumn sunlight embracing her face. I was captivated by her reflection, perfectly mirrored against the train window and could not help but photograph her. Hoping the stars would align for a favorable background, one to complement the mood, I loved how the moment came together with the foliage of the tree overlapping her hair. Lost in thought, taking in the sun and the fleeting beauty around her, I am sure when she heard the shutter of my camera, she must have thought I was only taking photos of the autumn colors outside.


This picture was shot when I was on my way to a repair shop to have my camera matrix cleaned. Were it on the way back, I would’ve never had this picture. But I was lucky enough. The pink building is actually a public toilet. The man in front of it is probably waiting to get in or just standing there. But the way he stood there – as if he was questioning the gravity – caught my attention and ultimately I got the picture which is still one of my favorites.


Beach of Les Sablettes, Toulon. I observe two teenagers jumping in pirouettes from the wall overlooking the beach. On the third take everything is set up, the apparent chaos is ordered. Around the two main protagonists, other stories are woven without overlapping.


I was driving home after a hard day at work through Tooting in London. It was early evening rush hour and I was stuck in a typical London traffic jam. I looked up and saw a man sitting on a red London bus looking weary. He looked exactly how I felt so I took his picture. The sun was quite low in the sky and to me, the reflections of the clouds really added to the apathy of both our situations.


This photo is from the series Steam Systems. New York is a city of clouds … compliments of Consolidated Edison’s cogeneration plants. There are 105 miles of steam pipes slinking beneath the streets to help power the borough, but the steam also provides Manhattan with the mesmerizing beauty of steam tufts spilling out of manholes and billowy clouds issuing from chimneys on the street. In this photo, the man kindly brought his own little cloud … as if in tribute.


In Ouagadougou (Burkina-Faso), the famous green taxis are the main way to move in town when you don’t have any vehicle. Take a green taxi is an art : waiting a little, sharing it with 4-5 other people (plus luggages), negotiating the price and making sure to put your feet on a non pierced part of the floor. Many religious pictures decorate the vehicles : a lot of drivers rely on God so that the journey goes well, without incident. This picture of Jesus stuck on the point of impact of this windshield immediately caught my eye, as if it would allow the glass does’nt crack more.


I took this photo in Marseille right outside a tube station. I love the way people move in those places : some are walking down, some running up, some are busy, some are thoughtful, some are on their phones, some are carrying flowers some are lonely, and sad etc…This summer, the evening light was falling into the entry. I took 6 pictures on that spot and I chose this one for 2 reasons : the different tales it tells and the mystery it coutains.

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