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Something totally new this week! we called it THE COMMON SPIRIT"

a small collective game in which a member of the collective has fun inventing a new story from images of other members. This week, our sweet curator storyteller is… Hervé Chatel that tells us a funny and frightening story : VERTIGO



a small collective game in which a member of the collective has fun inventing a new story from images of other members. This week, our sweet curator storyteller is… Hervé Chatel


For the launch of the new webzine dedicated to « street » documentary photography, Joel Meyerowitz, which inspired the creation of the GASP collective, offers us an exclusive interview.

7 photographs from 7 talented photographers.

Welcome to the third  WEEKLY DOSE! You are more and more to follow us and we are really very happy about it. And don’t forget, you can find us on Facebook and also Instagram, every day of the week.

This week, we are very pleased to share the work of
Andrea Torrei / Fabio Costa / Alex Coghe / Gustavo Minas / Christian Schirrmacher / Gil Barez / Nadine Jestin.
Thank you everyone for your amazing contributions!


Every morning I passed by this building under restoration, in Yerevan Armenia. I liked the drop cloth covering the facade as the background of a potential picture but the light was never good nor was there ever anyone present. Then one day, when making a picture was not on my mind, this little girl in the pink dress comes skipping by and, after a hurried adjust of the camera, here is my shot.


It was my double anniversary, my birthday and daily photo shooting, I was out on the street, and I met this old man with his dog and decided to follow them. He got a small plastic bag, filled it with air, tied it to a string that he used to take his dog for a walk with and started playing with him. It had unique beauty. Like children playing on the street, unconcerned about life around, plus I love the lines on the wall that complete the scene. I followed the man a bit more and we got to know each other, and at the end we went to his house and talked for hours. A lovely meeting and a gift on that special day.


The Jesus! The Virgin! The blood and the creep…the street…mexican streets and paths…It is a photo about the everyday where I live, where I photograph and yeah, where I blasphem, sometimes…


This is part of my series on my hometown, « Limites ». It was X-mas may, this neighborhood was throwing a street party. I was leaving when I got lucky. Besides the crazy summer sky, I really like how the shadows on the wall look like a cinema projection, and how marvelled the boy seems to be – just like me.


A hot day at the beach (Pahos/Cyprus) – I spoke with an english guy after he bought ice cream. In the momentin he bites into the ice-cream, I pressed the trigger. I was fascinated by the combination of his hard body with hat and soft ice.


I was in Brussels at « Rock around Atomium » to make photos for my project: American Iconography. That’s where I met them for the first time. I remember the police look at this turbulent troupe … Where they saw a source of worry, I saw only beauty. They were alive, spontaneous and there was this magnificent energy that emanated.


A few blocks away, people are on the terrace, others in bathing suits on the beach. A few blocks away, tourists discover Piran, this small Slovenian seaside resort. While it is impossible to guess the lives of the people we meet at random on the streets, one can imagine that this man’s life is as peaceful as the place he chose to settle is frequented.

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