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You will have to get used to it because every week, on monday morning, GASP Collective will concoct your small and unavoidable WEEKLY DOSE of documentary photography increased by Street photography.
You will be able to discover on your way to work, our selection of 7 photographers in a demanding curation from your submissions via a form available every week until Friday evening, accessible here. We will also invite photographers whom we admire to come and settle down in the WEEKLY DOSE… And a lot of other amazing things.


For the launch of the new webzine dedicated to « street » documentary photography, Joel Meyerowitz, which inspired the creation of the GASP collective, offers us an exclusive interview.


7 photographs from 7 talented photographers.

For the second WEEKLY DOSE, we’ve received a lot of pictures, and that’s really great! We are very happy to discover such beautiful images.
We therefore propose 7 photographs of 7 talented photographers.  And among these 7 photographers, the first 3 are our guests because sometimes, we also present photographers that we admire and that we want you to discover.
To open the WEEKLY DOSE #2, we invite Becky Frances, Ilan Ben Yehuda and Chris Moxey.


Although I was very happy to find this picture I hadn’t exactly been looking for it. I was visiting a town on the Normandy coast. Wandering aimlessly along the promenade I suddenly came upon this group. It was one of those serendipitous moments when everything and everyone just seemed to fall into place at the right moment and luckily I had my camera. Considering it was a relatively sunny day it was strange to see so many ladies bundled up in hats and woolly jumpers… and even stranger that the bikini clad young woman was the focus of attention for all these ladies yet the man seemed completely oblivious.


Blackpool Rocks – This photograph was taken in Blackpool, a North West seaside resort in January this year. The town is symptomatic of the neglect and lack of investment in the North of England and I hope the photograph encapsulates the desolation of this British seaside town out of season. When I saw the empty rock shop whose signage has probably stayed the same for many years and the vintage Rover coming round the corner I knew that the photograph would give the viewer a sense that they had stepped back in time to a bygone era


I chose this photograph because of its simplicity and it characterizes what I am looking for in street photography. A photograph that will contain meaning, statement and documentation of a human condition. The process of photography was as follows. I noticed a woman on the phone, standing in the doorway of her clothing store. I pretended to be interested in the display window and then at a crucial moment when she looked at the camera, I took a picture. In terms of form, the photo is minimalist. The light focuses the story of the woman and the doll. I like the lady expression, the contrast and the resemblance between the woman and the doll. I love the story that was created raises questions about the ideal of feminine beauty, and the desire to be young and beautiful forever.


This photograph was taken in August 2014 in Islantilla, a small Southern town close to the Portuguese border. The sun was shining brightly. I was enjoying a family day with my siblings and their children, and since I had been taking pictures of them before going for lunch my camera was just ready. Suddenly, a group of swimmers who were taking out their beach umbrella from the sand caught my attention, as they were having a really difficult time with the strong wind. Having foreseen a moment worthy of photographing, I left my family and went up to them. At the same time, on the left side of the frame I noticed that the familiar vender in the area, the man with the refreshments and candy cart, was having a rest.To my surprise, while the swimmer was unsuccesfully trying to control the parasol, another man in the background showed his red-capped head. This man happens to be looking at a girl sitting on the sand, thus finishing the scene.


I took this picture in San Diego, last year around christmast time. I had dinner in a restaurant in North Park, a neighborhood at the east of San Diego. After a day of shooting, I was not really happy with my images. I sat down an noticed a strange man in the back of the dinner wearing a suit. He was worried, eating alone.. something was wrong. Then before checking the bill he put his head in his hands. I took the shot.


During a road trip in East USA, I had planned a one afternoon stop in Baltimore, but there was a event on this day, so I just through the city with my car when I saw this group.
They were doing some kind of photoshoot, surely about the traditional degrees photoshoot.
I parked my car in a hury, so I had to catch the moment fast. I take it, and go back on the road !


This photo was made at the annual Kids and Kites Festival near Montrose Beach in Chicago. Hundreds of people spend the day there flying kites of all types and sizes on this beautiful grassy hill overlooking the Chicago skyline. The kids in the foreground here were competing to see who could get their kites out the farthest.

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