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You will have to get used to it because every week, on monday morning, GASP Collective will concoct your small and unavoidable WEEKLY DOSE of documentary photography increased by Street photography.
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Let’s stop talking. Let’s get to the heart of the matter by welcoming one of the great masters of photography of the genre… 


For the launch of the new webzine dedicated to « street »documentary photography, Joel Meyerowitz, which inspired the creation of the GASP collective, offers us an exclusive interview.


7 photographs from 7 talented photographers

For the first weekly dose, we decided to offer you something really special. Robert Adams in 1994, shortly before the internet changed the game, wrote this:

 » Your own photo is not enough. All photographers have also been dependent on images taken by others… that carry with them the memory of the community. »

We really agree with that, in the field of photography as in everything, the union is the strength, so we wanted to pay tribute to all this collective energy that shapes today’s photography, and that stimulates generations of photographers in search of inspiration.

Also for this first weekly dose, we offer our forum to show the incisive eye of 7 influential photographers of 7 influential collectives.



Harar, Ethiopia.

I love this image because luck was a huge factor in it’s success. I was walking aimlessly, hoping to come across an interesting scene. It was a beautiful day, sunny with deep blue skies. I saw these two boys next to this beautiful green wall but the scene was not very interesting. When I was about to leave these four playfully girls dressed in green passed in front of me. It was like a small miracle, a great surprise. It made my day. I took 3 shots, one ended up being quite special. This is the gift of street photography, the unexpected is always around the corner.



Gagra, Abkhazia

From Abkhazia before leaving I had some pictures in mind, some pictures, symbolic of this territory, the post-war period and tourism. The best known was the one of this rusty boat hull on the docks of Sukhumi used as a diving board by tourists and photographed so much. We may say that we try to photograph something else, differently, these images that form the desire to leave, but we are still looking for them. So when I arrived on the spot I asked my translator where this boat was… Lack of luck it had disappeared, it had been removed a few months before…

The other image I had in mind was the one, so absurd, of this bear stuffed at the edge of Lake Ritsa, I wanted to go to see it too, but I never went to Lake Ritsa in the end. And I finally found my image at the seaside in Gagra. Gagra is a city on the Black Sea coast. It was founded by a Russian prince who wanted to rediscover the atmosphere of the Côté d’ Azur but closer to Russia. Many things remind us of a certain prestige in the past: architecture, hotels, but all this is now mixed with the mass tourism of the Russian popular classes. When arriving on the promenade of Gagra, behind the elegant columns there was this lioness, tied to a chair, its owners would have bought it at a Russian zoo, they make the tourists pay for them to be photographed at its sides. They have a lemur too. This image for me is a kind of symbol of the strangeness of this territory and the stupidity of mass tourism that makes it live also…



Port-au-Prince, Haïti

Every walk in the city of Port-au-Prince guarantees its share of surprises, encounters, shock, emotion,… I was in one of its streets of the bustling downtown of the Haitian capital when, at the crossroads of two alleys, I came across this young woman surrounded by neighbours and members of her family. His presence filled the street. A presence made of assurance, fragility and questioning. She was very calm and didn’t participate in the street noise. The others could no longer see her and yet her presence seemed to be indispensable to the scene. I spoke to each one of them, placed myself in front of her and glued it to the opposite wall to be able to integrate as much as possible what was going on around her.



Dublin, Ireland.

I participate in an online street community and was following the instruction “Find a corner or a spot somewhere that interests you and photograph the scene for a much longer period of time than you would ordinarily.”  The spot in this picture was on a street during Dublin’s Pride Festivities.  The body language and interaction of the trio intrigued me from when I first saw them as it appeared that the girl in grey was the hooded one’s girlfriend, so I watched them for quite a while having an instinct that there may be some interesting interaction between them.



When I took this photo there was no way for me to anticipate that light leak which, while accidental, makes the photo for me. It infuses an additional layer of drama. I was initially attracted to the light on that corner and when I saw the two unrelated parts taking shape I quickly found a position where I could connect them together and create a false narrative. All photos lie.



Avenue de Flandre, Paris, France.

« While temperatures reach 35 ° C in Paris, I am walking in the 19th district on which I have been working for several years. I see excitement in the distance, at the bottom of the organ towers of Flandre.
I quickly spotted a jet of water several meters high and a group of young people cooling off. I approach and nobody really cares about me; the kids are too busy setting up an inflatable pool in the middle of the road and throwing themselves into the water. The atmosphere is joyful, we’re finally breathing. The children play and laugh, when some passers-by stop for fun, almost tempted. Cars that dare to step forward to the fire hydrant are blocked under the jet by the youngsters for a few seconds. Residents keep an eye on the situation and act as traffic control agents.
It is around 17-18h and the light is beautiful. I’m left photographing the scene for about twenty minutes before throwing myself in the water.
I finally retained this image because of the expression of the little girl that I find quite characteristic of childhood. You can really read the fear on her face, the fear of being thrown into the water, when she was laughing 5 seconds before and laughing 5 seconds after. At first glance, the atmosphere in the photo is almost disturbing when it’s a good childish scene. This fashion of opening fire hydrants during high temperatures has been imported from the working class neighborhoods of the United States for several years. »



April 22,2017, Kiev

Ukrainian veteran soldiers stretched out during training on the field of the Athlete Stadium in Kiev. The entire day of sporting competitions were held in the four corners of the city, for the last qualifying rounds before the Invictus Game – the international para-Olympic war veterans’ Para-Olympic competition that took place in Canada in September 2017.

Having travelled along the front line several times since the beginning of the war, I also wanted to work on veterans and their reintegration into society. During this report I was impressed by the speed of rehabilitation of these veterans who had chosen to take on new challenges despite their disabilities. Since the beginning of the fighting in April 2014, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, counts about 200.000 veterans.

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